The Holidays are Over, Why am I so Blue?

woman_with_tissue_holding_headIt’s almost the end of January and many people are telling me they’re feeling blue, even depressed.   Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.  Post-holiday blues are a common occurrence.  Here are some of the reasons why:

1-      Our schedules change, often going from being filled with social events in Dec. to being nearly empty in Jan.
2-      Scheduling changes mean we go from being with people to being alone more often.
3-      Fatigue can set in because of travel, lack of sleep, and busy schedules during the holidays.
4-      Some of us may feel disappointment because the holidays weren’t what we had hoped they would be.
5-       If you took time off during the holidays returning to work may have meant having to make up for time off.

The good news is that post-holiday blues are often temporary and short-lived.  Please read my full article on this subject on the Psychology Today website to find out what you can do to help yourself out of the blues.  The article can be found at: