Client Stories and Testimonials

“We were spiraling downhill like a train out of control until we met with Linda. With her help and brilliant guidance, we remembered why we fell in love in the first place. She helped us rebuild our trust and respect for each other and our marriage is now better than ever! We cannot thank her enough. – Bob and Lili P.

“Our marriage now better than ever”

“As the years passed my claustrophobia kept escalating. Anxiety kept getting higher and higher when in small spaces or rooms I felt had no air flow, or that were hot. But thanks to Linda’s RRT technique — a great visualization, uncovering the reason that the claustrophobia might have started years earlier, great advice — I’ve got it totally under control. Linda’s words have become a powerful tool to be able to stay in one place without panicking. – Ellen W.

“Anxiety totally under control”

“I was failing out of graduate school because my OCD was preventing me from finishing papers and tests. Ms. Walter taught me about anxiety and showed me how to conquer my obsessions. Without her I never would have graduated. Now I am a lawyer and have a great job! – Jackie G.

“I never would have graduated”