Are You Anxious About Post Lockdown Re-entry?

Many have been expressing anxiety about resuming life as it was pre-covid: back to work, socializing, traveling. I’d like to share some thoughts about it.

Our lives changed in a flash. We went from one day being able to go to work, travel and socialize, to the next, being cooped up in our homes and totally dependent on ourselves and those with whom we live. And we adapted. The fact that you feel some anxiety about re-entering “life as it used to be” and feel so comfortable and safe in your home means you adapted beautifully, did exactly what you were supposed to do. Yes you complained, felt lonely, sad, anxious, but you stayed the course, in spite of those feelings.

That means you can make the changes necessary to survive. That you are adaptable and flexible even when scared, even when you’d rather not change. And those characteristics about you are not likely to change.

Anxiety is always about the future, the what if’s, what’s going to happen. And the future isn’t now. The world has not yet opened up. Many have not yet been vaccinated. So what we’re worrying about is still unknown to us. As it becomes the norm to venture out, socialize, even travel, you will again adapt. Maybe with some trepidation (that would be perfectly normal), but slowly and within your comfort level, you will once again do what needs to be done.

If you find the anxiety too uncomfortable to manage, call a friend or therapist. Know that you are not alone.