Some Thoughts about Thoughts

Where do our thoughts come from? Who or what puts them into our minds? Who or what controls what we think? The answer to these questions is YOU! You control your thoughts; you have the ability to change your thoughts.

Our thoughts come from nowhere, and, at the same time, our thoughts come from everywhere. The form and content of our thoughts are influenced by our life experiences, including interactions with anything and anyone with whom we’ve been in contact.

Thoughts come and go. Did you ever have a thought that stayed in your mind forever? Thoughts flow in and out of our minds like clouds float in the sky. How long they stay in our minds is entirely up to us. We can choose to have them linger, to go over and over them, or we can choose to replace them with other thoughts.

What do you do when something comes on the television you don’t want to watch? You change the channel. You replace the show you don’t want to watch with another show you do want to watch. Or, you might turn the TV off and engage in another, completely different activity. We can do the same thing with our thoughts.

When a thought isn’t beneficial, simply replace it with another thought that is more helpful. Change the thought channel. It may take some repetition, in other words, you may bring the original thought back to mind, but keep changing the channel. You do that all the time, all day, every day. It’s usually at the suggestion of someone else: when they ask you a question, show you something, or telephone you, you automatically change your thoughts to what they’ve asked of you. You don’t need someone else to change your thought channel; you can do it yourself.

There is no need to have negative, unhelpful thoughts take up space in your mind. Practice changing your thoughts by focusing on something else. The more you practice, the easier it will become and the faster it will happen.

I wish helpful thoughts to all!